Cock Sparrer Running Riot In '84 / Live And Loud!!

Vinyl PIR028
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Cock Sparrer would break up again in 1984, demoralized by the totally misplaced opprobrium that had grown up around their last album. Before they went, however, Runnin' Riot in '84 exploded across the Oi! scene like napalm in an outhouse, a ferocious roar that only grew more complex as you listened. Edging away from the fast and furious edge that gave Shock Troops its flavor, Cock Sparrer remained fast, remained furious, but leavened those qualities with some genuinely powerful songwriting. Tracks like "Think Again," "The Sun Says" (a commentary on the editorial column in Britain's most-read gutter tabloid), and "They Mean Murder" all suggested that Cock Sparrer were by no means finished, even if their epitaphs were soon being written. Anybody working backwards through the band's ultimately resumed career will find a lot to thank this album for. Pirate's Press Records pairs Cock Sparrer's second classic studio full-length with their first well-known quality live recording captured shortly afterwards. Packaged with a three-color, silkscreened obi strip wrapped around both jackets, it is available on sets of 180 gram claret and blue vinyl, and includes totally remastered cuts. These two records are sure to give you a vivid taste of the band's tumultuous (yet fruitful) early eighties. Limited edition of 400 copies.