Blood Fire Death

Bathory Blood Fire Death

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Blood Fire Death

Blood Fire Death is the fourth album by the Swedish band Bathory. It was released in October 1988. The album, although mostly black metal, includes some of the first examples of Viking metal.The lyrics to "The Golden Walls of Heaven" and "Dies Irae" are acrostics: the first letters of each line form phrases, namely "SATAN" (repeated 8 times) and "CHRIST THE BASTARD SON OF HEAVEN". The lyrics to "For All Those Who Died" were taken from a poem by Erica Jong, first published in her book Witches (1981).The first three verses of "A Fine Day to Die" are taken from "Cassilda's Song" of Robert W. Chambers' "The King in Yellow".The front cover comes from a painting by Peter Nicolai Arbo: Åsgårdsreien (1872).