Va metronomicon 5

V/A Metronomicon Audio 5.0

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Va metronomicon 5

50 is a very round number and we are very proud of this release: brand new songs from most of Metronomicons artists and some very fine guests from Norway, the Netherlands, UK and Japan!

The release is a CD Poster made by Espen Friberg and Ben Hill, and the cover is designed by Friberg and Yokoland, here's a few words about it:

The typography was photographed on location at Cocoa Beach, Florida, USA on October 30 and 31, 2010. Each character was as tall as the tallest building in America, the Empire State Building, which equals 381 meters. Norway's tallest building is Oslo Plaza, and measures about 1/3 of the size of the Empire State Building. The length of Metronomicon Audio was approximately 8040 meters, which equals about 21 Empire State Buildings on top of each other. The characters were visible 5-7 minutes before they disappeared.