To rocco rot the amateur view

To Rococo Rot The Amateur View

Vinyl SLANG50026LP
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To rocco rot the amateur view

To Rococo Rot evolved from the multimedia activities of Lippok brothers Robert and Ronald with the addition of Kreidler bassist Stefan Schneider. The German trio\'s invisible fusion of digital and traditional musicality has won over both rock and electronic audiences. A typical TRR track is fashioned in a unique improvisational manner, more polymerization than composition, whereby smaller, interlocking parts--samples, enticing melodies, musical ideas, and intricate rhythms--are sequenced according to an original techno-pop blueprint.

THE AMATEUR VIEW opens a new chapter in the To Rococo Rot experience. Featuring input from textural NYC turntablist i-sound (on the glitch-funk gem \"A Little Asphalt Here and There\") and SoulStaticSound label majordomo Darryl Moore (on \"This Sandy Piece\"), this is easily TRR\'s most experimental venture. But the group\'s second proper album also proves to be its most accessible offering. Winsome songcraft and unforgettable melodies mark such tracks as \"Telema,\" \"Cars,\" \"Die Dinge des Lebens,\" and \"Greenwich,\" as the gentle electro-funk currents of \"She Loves Animals\" and \"I Am in the World With You\" pull the listener into the disc\'s bobbing, bubbly grooves. THE AMATEUR VIEW is not merely TRR\'s masterpiece but a watershed work, certain to entice many newcomers into the electronica fold.