Firebeats, Inc. Firebeats, Inc

Cat.no. R2LP003LTD
UPC 7041880992583
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Cat.no. R2LP003
UPC 7041880992583
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Experience the rough-edged sound of Scandinavian freakbeat legends Firebeats, INC.

When this totally uncompromising LP was released in Norway in 1966, Firebeats, INC. were accomplished musicians playing the beat clubs all over Scandinavia. Influenced by UK bands like The Hollies and The Who, they adopted the high-energy sounds of these groups, but set out to write their own songs. To record an album consisting of only original material was an unusual step for a Norwegian band in the mid sixties. The tunes were amazing. But alas, the album received very little media attention and only the minimum run of 500 records were ever pressed. But their time would come.

Round 2 are proud to present the first ever legal vinyl re-issue of this holy grail for the international freabeat collecting scene, remastered from the original master tapes and with extensive liner notes.

Side A
  1. Funny Things
  2. I Never Knew The Sun Could Shine So Brightly At Night
  3. Goodbye To This World
  4. Crying
  5. I Didn't Know
  6. Alone Again
  7. Don´t Believe Them
Side B
  1. I Can´t Find Nobody
  2. Trying To Make You See
  3. More And More Each Day
  4. This Rain
  5. Baby Go Home
  6. It's No Matter How I Try
  7. The Girl That I Depend On