Duvel Attempts At Speech

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1. Winter dreams
2. Going home
3. Skin deep
4. Strange
5. Ashamed
6. Sacred place
7. Plastic bags and seagulls
8. Falling
9. Visions
10. Breathe
11. Cynics
12. Birds

Originating from the basement of the autonomous youth community house Blitz in Oslo, Duvel is a minimalist post-punk band with an energetic, raw sound. ‘Attempts at speech’ is their debut album. The ‘Attempts At Speech’ album was recorded at Blitz lydstudio and engineered/produced by Bjørn Larsen. Recorded within two hectic days in the studio, Duvel sound different to most bands these days, as the album revels in a raw, unpolished sound. In Duvel, Fysisk Format hears ‘a brave band that dares to keep rock raw’. Jack Holldorff opens up about the lyrics on the album:
-I would think the reason why some people are afraid of the dark, is that when the lights are out, you lose control. You have no clue about what is happening around you, so your brain tells you that you have to be prepared for anything to happen. Anything, and everything, is possible. Being around other people is a bit like that. You’ll never know what someone else thinks. What are their urges? What do they feel about the people they surround themselves with? You can’t possibly tell. Instead, you just have to accept the fact that anything is possible. Which is a scary thought indeed."

There you are; The theme for a lot of the lyrics on the record. Holldorff shares his thoughts on the title for the album:
-"ATTEMPTS AT SPEECH is no random title. We haven’t been a band for much more than a year, thus this is our first album. In a way, this is the first time we have gotten a chance to really share a piece of ourselves with the rest of the world. Quite like a child’s first attempts at speech."