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Rongeur An Asphyxiating Embrace

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1. Weltschmertz
2. Special Needs
3. Fiendesliebe
4. Wellpisser
5. The Deconstructionist
6. Mr Hands
7. The Weight of Guild
8. Chained to a Dead Horse

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United by a mutual desire to escape the downward spiraling rat races in modern society, the sludge/doom trio RONGEUR has dwelled in the Norwegian underground for six years now. The trio batter you with bitter grievances and violent assaults of desperate cries and distortion, dragging your beaten body through the inner circles of hell, just to declare that nothing has been accomplished.

The trio have previously released a collection of demos on CD and cassette, a digital split with Ampmandens Døtre, as well as a two tracked 7" vinyl. An Asphyxiating Embrace is their first full length album and offers a frustrated observation of the human inadequacy to make rational choices. Dressed in a sludge fest with accompanying post-metal bells and whistles, the record spells doom over mankind and is surely nothing like taking a stroll in the park, even though the record makes for good jogging music.