Track by track guide to "When I Fall From The Sky"


Misty Coast - When I Fall From the Sky

Switch Off

Switch Off was one of the first songs we made for the new album, and it might be Misty Coast’s most psychedelic tune so far. The title is a nod to our heroes Stereolab, and our love for the Beatles’ psychedelic period and bands like Quilt is very present in the song. The guitar hooks and the opening vocal line made this the perfect first track.


Transparent is a weird little pop song, and producer Emil Nikolaisen always calls it “The Cardigans song”. The simplicity of the guitar riff underlines the laid back, catchy vocals, and Furuhaugs funky, light drums takes the tune almost all the way to the dance floor.

In a Million Years

The song represents a recurring theme on the album, and it lingers in thoughts about whether we should choose to ignore the reality outside of what we experience as our world - or if we should dare to seek a larger, perhaps unpleasant truth. We are faced with the choice of whether to look outside the window at the raging storm, or to embrace escapism as the only way to cope. While writing this song, we pictured Michael Rother and Kim Deal spinning around a black hole, before they magically take us down to earth again.

Ghost Town

Ghost Town could be the ultimate covid-19 song, but it was written long before the pandemic hit us. The song captures the feeling of loneliness, when it seems like people around you keep doing anything to preserve a facade. Producer Nikolaisens' beautiful slide guitar gives a nod to early Flaming Lips, but it's really the silence in between the hooks that says the most.

Jet Lag

Jet Lag is the first song we made and recorded for the new album (the working title was testestest). We had just gotten back home from a Japan tour, and were still sky high after an amazing experience, and at the same time feeling gloomy that it was over. The lyrics capture the feeling of insomnia, and describe the first days on tour hanging out in Tokyo struggling to both stay awake and fall asleep. If the city could just go to bed, perhaps we'd be able to get some rest. The song's folky vibe ends side A with a calm and soothing dizziness.


Guest vocalist Hilma Nikolaisen (producer Emils sister and bass player of Serena-Maneesh) adds a different color to the song, but we are still on familiar Misty Coast grounds. The lyrics make jokes about indie heads that are stuck in the 90s, when everything was much better, still wearing their old Nirvana flannel shirts, being bitter for not dying a legend at 27.

Sugar Pill

The effect our beliefs and what we’ve been told is the truth have on our interpretation of the world is very interesting. Sugar Pill explores the idea of placebo, and how your mind and thoughts can control your physical state. The arrangement builds up throughout the song - it starts off naked and dry, and ends up in a swirling pool of guitars, choir and synthesizer.


At some point we really struggled to complete this song, and we ended up showing producer Emil Nikolaisen a very unfinished demo - crying for help. He immediately understood where we wanted the song to go. He rearranged everything, ran most tracks through a bunch of pedals and synthesizers, and turned the song into a fun, psychedelic piece. The theme of Fun revolves around social anxiety.

Do You Still Remember Me?

Do You Still Remember Me? is built around the main guitar melody, which was the first element we made. The guitars are repeating this melody throughout the song, sometimes turned backwards, and the vocals are kind of imitating the guitars. The song is a shout out to everyone we know that is travelling around the world a large amount of their time, and how we admire their drive but still feel sorry for everything they’ve had to let go.

When I Fall From the Sky

When I Fall From the Sky is the anthem of the album, and it really sums up everything. We wanted it to have effects sounding like a traveling circus, and make us envision colorful lights, chaos, clowns and acrobats.