The Good The Bad And The Zugly: West Coast Exile // Secret Promo

FOR PROMOTIONAL USE ONLY! OUT JANUARY 12TH 2018 PRESS ASSETS: Wav Mp3 Soundcloud Hi-res cover (By Flu Hartberg) Press picture (By Ida Borsand)
West Coast Exile is the second single from The Good the Bad and The Zugly's third album, Misanthropical House. Here's the band's own introduction to the song: This is a song about the utter stupidity of going on a west coast exile and the comic irony of putting oneself through a journey worse than Dante's nine rings of hell. The song is a message to all future idealists, spiritual minglers, degenerated novice students and enterprising future-contributors to step back and let go of their dreams. Its a song for people who claim that they are self-made, but damnit - they were born on the sunny side.
  Hires photo (By Ida Borsand)