Rongeaur - Glacier Tongue: Marketing & Dissemination Plan

Hailing from Oslo, Norway, the dystopian sludge/post metal trio Rongeur came into existence in the autumn of 2012. The band was formed by old friends with a shared desire to make raw, heavy, and honest music with little respect for existing genre limitations. Rongeur thus offer varying levels of angst, sorrow, and anger, and batter you with their unique brand of dystopian heavy. They draw inspiration from the likes of Eyehategod, Helmet, Seigmen, Sepultura, Neurosis, Darkthrone and Arthur Schoupenhauer.

Rongeur's first release was a compilation of earlier recorded demos, the Catastrophist (2013) and As the Blind Strive (2014). The compilation was released in 2015 on cassette by Aonair Productions and on compact disc by Disiplin Media. The same year the band participated on a digital split release with Ampmandens Døtre on Ampmandens Records contributing with two songs, and in 2016 a crushing two-track 7” vinyl single "God and I/Good War" was released on the same label. The band’s first full length album “An Asphyxiating Embrace” saw its release in 2018 via the band’s own label Poacher Records, and Ampmandens Records (cassette/vinyl/digital), to great acclaim. The album earned the band 7/10 in Metal Hammer UK, as well as several other decent reviews worldwide. The new effort “Glacier Tongue” offers eight new songs recorded at various points between November 2019 and April 2020 at Vaterland Studios, and later mixed and mastered by Ruben Willem at Caliban Studios. The record is a reality check and a clarion call. It is more political in nature than its predecessor, but the band still dwell in the familiar bleak kafkaesque misatrophic terrain, lamenting the many fallacies of human existence.

The band is known for playing loud having a shared love for old tube amps, feedback and distortion, and have shared the stage with amongst others Today is the Day (US), Grime (I), Timeworn (N), The Mansters (N) and Dødsdømt (N).

Rongeur are:

Dag Ole H. Huseby: Bass guitar and vocals

Jon Dahl Tveter: Drums and vocals
Audun G. Jakobsen: Guitar and vocals