Next Life on human and technological development

On how Next Life is a manifestation of Hai's view of human and technological development

I use trackers that are known from the 80s-90s to write music. The sounds are made out of samples from Amiga, Commodore 64, Sega Genesis, Super Nintendo and FM synths from old arcade games. It has always been a point for Next Life to use old technology because I have that perception of technological and spiritual (ideological) development in imbalance, and on this, I must be in balance for technology to work positively. It's not just an aesthetic choice to use old technology, but politics and a mentality that is a contrast to being technologically up to date, consumerism.

My philosophy influences the choices I make aesthetically, the sound should be heavy, distinct and transparent, as in old 8-bit games, the use of colours in video material, few people on stage. Minimalist in technique, maximalist in composition, creating wealth out of little. I believe that change in society must take place both on an emotional level (from within, primarily) and on an intellectual level (from outside, secondary). Abstract expressions, such as music, is a great way to provide insight into ideas and thinking, in another way than words. 

Art and music (spiritual expression) is the first arena in which new ideas can take place, which is why it is an essential part of being able to change society on a materialistic level. Freedom and imagination must be in place for us to exercise expression, and flow with inspiration, as long as it does not take away rights from other people.

There is an order for something to exist in harmony with nature (By my teachings), it starts with emotions you have/cultivates in heart, which is processed by the intellect you have in your head, which ends in actions on a physical plan. This is why many focus on meditation, it can be a state where people can distance themselves from instantaneous feelings that arise as with fear, expectation and influence from external sources, and becomes closer to the feelings at heart, the feelings you are born with, that is unique for every single human, as the trees in the forest are different.