NAG – No Rest For The Blessed (Single) [secret promo, don’t share]

FOR PROMOTIONAL USE ONLY! Release date: 17.10.2018 PRESS ASSETS: Wav Hi-Res Cover Press photos (By Erik Furulund) Lyrics NAG - No Rest For The Blessed (Single) We're quite happy with this song because we managed to cram almost every trick we know into it. A NAG reader's digest! The lyrics are a rework of some well-known stanzas from the Sermon on the Mount. It's been debated for 2 000 years what Jesus really ment, so we're not going to give anything away either. Figure it out for yourselves, children! Written and performed by NAG Recorded late spring 2018 at Tentakkel Audio Studio, Tou Scene, Stavanger Mixed by Örjan Lund/Tentakkel Audio Mastered by Brad Boatright/Audiosiege Cover drawing: Theodor Kittelsen Web: Quotes and impressions for self titled debut NAG is: Arnfinn Nag (vocals, guitar) Espen Nag (drums, vocals) Örjan Nag (bass, vocals)   Photo by Erik Furulund (Hi-res) Photo by Erik Furulund (Hi-res)