Misty Coast's 10 survival strategies for 2021

Misty Coast's new album When I Fall From The Sky consists of 10 tracks that, according to the band, can be listened to as "a survival strategy of sorts for an anxious millenium". Our pandemic times may be the most anxiety-invoking ever, so we asked the band to give us their best take on how to handle it all.

1. Switch Off

    Turn off, switch off, consider scrapping some social media accounts. Social media can look real glamorous, but also make you feel real shitty when you vegetate with a bowl of cheese doodles in a pyjamas at home.

    2. Transparent

    See the benefits in the restrictions! Sometimes its lovely to have the skill of becoming transparent. Imagine sneaking past the queue at the liquor store or grabbing snacks right of the store shelves. The upside to wearing a face mask is to blend with the crowd. You don't have to say hi to people you only half-know. Harness the time when you can move about with dirty hair and ugly grey slacks with mackerel in tomato between your teeth.

    3, In a Million Years

      Have you seen your favorite childhood movie recently? If not, do so and you will be reminded that not everything was better before. "In a million years" is inspired by the classic movie Matrix. However mind-blowing it may have been when it first came out, it's not really much more than a gentle breeze to our minds today.

      4. Ghost Town

        Don't mind what others do or accomplish! When it seems like everybody else is maxing out their corona times - getting a new education, learning to play guitar, get kids, trim away the fat or total make-over in the house - remember: Most of us do even less than we use to, and in many ways, its seems like time stand still.

        5. Jet Lag

        Take the liberty to turn night and day around! Nobody will notice. Night time is pretty calm these days, the empty streets will never be so desolate and beautiful again.

        6. ´92

          Travel back in time to when you were a teenager and listen to the first records you bought. Dig up the old school books, and laugh and cry of the poems and songs you wrote about the girls you hated and the horses you loved.

          7. Sugar Pill

            Creating your own reality is good therapy. And its easy when all the world's recipes is just a click away. Take a trip in your dreams to Valencia and fry up some Paella, while you turn up the heat and drink chilled Tempranillo

            8. Fun

              You only need one fun visiting friend to have an amazing karaoke evening. Youtube got most of what you need, and when the wine-bottle is emptied, turn it upside down and scream until the neighbours start banging the walls.

              9. Do You Still Remember Me?

              Call an old friend!

              10. When I Fall From the Sky

                Take a trip out in the windy weather with your favorite flying object: paper plane, drone, balloon, frisbee, budgie. We recommend making your own kite! Don't make it too elaborate, because its fun to see things falling from the sky.

                PS! If you see that you are about to fall into a big black hole - and none of these survival strategies work - please do seek help!