Insomniac Bears: Hypercolor // Secret Promo

FOR PROMTIONAL USE ONLY! RELEASE DATE: FEB 16TH 2018 PRESS ASSETS: Waw Mp3 Hi-res cover (By Fredrik Melby) Press picture (By Anne Valeur) Insomniac Bears consists of ex-Rumble in Rhodos singer Thomas Bratlie Haugland, Team Me wizz Marius Drogsås Hagen, Multi-instrumentalist Marius Ergo(Lukestar, Kaospilot, Snöras++) and Lo-Fi-Pop veteran Magnus Moriarty. Together they fill the room with lyrical vulnerability, sound experiments and honest pop-anthems that will take you closer to nature in new and surprising ways. Sure enough, this combo of players have pushed each others explorations further than before, resulting in a new musical collective to look out for.   Photo by Anne Valeur