HARABALL: Bacterion (Single) // Secret Promo

FOR PROMOTIONAL USE ONLY! PRESS ASSETS: Mp3 Wav Hi-res cover (By Esra Røise) Press pictures
Release date: April 4th 2018 Bacterion started out sounding very middle eastern, but then we worked it over into something more tribal. A treat for all drummers out there, with our Lebanese Rolex (Daniel) showing excellence in the field of tom-toms. Lyrically we're in some kind of William Burroughs-twilight zone with a story about living in a butthole under the rule of an evil germ, supreme Bacterion.
Haraball by Jon Eirik Kopperud (HIRES)
[caption id="attachment_1656" align="alignnone" width="390"] Haraball by Kimm Saatvedt (HIRES)[/caption] Haraball by Lars Dalen (Hi-res)
HARABALL IS: Jon Eivind Eriksen - vocals Vegard Holthe - bass, backup vocals Daniel Wakim - drums, Percussion, backup vocals William Øberg - guitar, backup vocals Trond Mjøen - guitar, synth, backup vocals