Album plan: The Good the Bad and the Zugly - Algorithm and Blues


With pitch black humour and words of wisdom like these, norwegian punk rockers The Good the Bad and the Zugly have built a dedicated following with their blend of panoramic scandi-rock, tongue-in-cheek 90s punk and catchy skate punk.

Its no wonder that Kvelertak picked their new singer Ivar Nikolaisen to front their band. Ivar just needs to let out some steam with the January 17th album Algorithm and Blues with The Good the bad and the Zugly before he starts his new day job. 

Algorithm & Blues is the fourth studio album of Norwegian punk five-piece The Good the Bad and the Zugly (GBZ).

In the wake of the ego-maniacal success of their previous album "Misanthropical House", climaxing by being rewarded the Norwegian Grammy (Spellemann) in the category Rawk and manifesting once and for all that GBZ is a better band than both Turbonegro and Kvelertak, the band has now put their bitterness behind them and embraced its disdained yet lustrous big brother - PETTINESS.

There is no end to the amount of CAP-LOCKS this band has thrown at innocents, despite the fact that they are all deep down low-life loudmouths with loud voices and fake profiles, hiding behind their computers. On their upcoming album with the forced fatalist title "Algorithm & Blues", the band offers a false and easily dismissed impression that they have shifted the focus from themselves and over to more contemporary global issues. Do not be fooled! These are all lies! The album is a calling from GBZ to embrace your pettiness. So Fuck Life... But how to live it?

"Algorithm & Blues" is recorded, mixed and produced by Anders Nordengen at Hadeland and Nabolaget, Oslo. Ruben Willem (previously in Haust) has done the mastering. Like the band's previous albums, the artwork is done by Flu Hartberg. The Good the bad and the Zugly consists of members from Kosmik Boogie Tribe, Wonderfools, The Devil and the Almighty Blues as well as singer Ivar Nikolaisen, previously of Silver and currently in Happy Dagger and Kvelertak.

  • The band features Kvelertak and Silver vocalist Ivar Nikolaisen
  • The previous album, Misantropical House won the Norwegian Grammy (Spellemansprisen) in the ROCK category
  • Eight date Norwegian tour Jan 2020 announced
  • EU tour in Sept 2020 through booking agency Solar Penguin
  • SoMe-videoseries by renowned film maker Andre Løyning, documenting the band's merch guy PK
  • Cover by Norwegian artist Flu Hartberg, famed for his satirical illustrations
  • Release shows in Hamburg and Berlin, 17th and 18th of January.


  • BOOKING: Anders Nordengen (Norway/all over), Solar Penguin (GSA)
  • LABEL: Fysisk Format w/ Kristian and Eivind
  • PR: GSA: Noisolution, EU/ROW: Viral Propaganda
  • DIGITAL: Ingrooves
  • PHYSICAL: Germany: Cargo w/ Isa, Benelux: Suburban w/ Santina, France: Season of mist w/ David, UK: Plastic Head w/ Ben





11.10.2019Single 1: Staying with the trouble
23.10.2029Album announcement 
06.12.2019Single 2: Corporate Rock
17.01.2020Algorithm and blues album release
17.01.2020Release shows in Hamburg (17.01) and Berlin (18.01)
25.01.2020Norwegian tour starts
EU tour


  • Album on vinyl and CD incl two digital singles + bonus EP with 3 extra singles
  • Video content: 2 music videoes, SoMe-video series focusing on the merch guy PK
  • Band photos
  • Merch: At least two collections/themes


  • Fans also like: Turbonegro, Dwarves, Poison Idea, Kvelertak
  • Mostly men between 28 and 34
  • Key cities: Oslo, Stockholm, Gothenburg, Helsinki, Hamburg, Berlin, Amsterdam


"Norse punks show the world how it should be done” 
- Metal Hammer UK (Top 50 records of 2018)

"Filthy Norwegian hardcore punk'n'roll with refreshing "fuck you!" Attitude,"
- VISIONS Magazine (Top 25 records of 2018)

"It’s perfect escapism from the drudgery of daily life"
- The Punk Rock Archive

"Ganz, ganz großes Kino"
- OX Fanzine 9/10

"Ivar Nikolaisen gives the band exactly the voice it needs"
- Away from life 

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