Truckloads arrived

Some serious blitzing was necessary yesterday to make room for the truckloads of records that arrived. We got the Arabrot CD and LP at the same time as the reissue of King Midas's Scandinavia. We added the inlays for in Scandinavia by hand before we shipped it all out to our distributors.

Opening the boxes and checking the contents still is the biggest thrill of running a label, even if we are now looking at releasing album number seventy-something. Lots of things can go wrong and you're never safe no matter how many precautions you have. Luckily, it all looks really good and I was very relieved to hear that Ando of King Midas approved the King Midas release. Now I'm crossing fingers that Arabrot-boss, Kjetil is pleased with his release too!? King Midas - Scandinavia is out July 26th Arabrot - Arabrot is out August 16th (EU) and September 3rd (USA)