Trist Pike release their single "Turist i eget liv"

After three years of intense grooming, Fysisk Format is thrilled to finally have signed Norwegian Cult Band Number 1, the most dangerous band in the street: Trist Pike. Considered the dimwitted middle child between Black Flag and New Order.

Here's Trist Pike's second single from our debut album. It's called "Turist i eget liv". We're releasing it Friday May 15th which is its birthday. We wrote it four years ago exactly, in an attempt to make an AC/DC song. Instead of playing it on a Gibson SG rock and roll guitar like AC/DC would have done it, we played it on a pretty shoddy bass line sample we found in an old Duran Duran cover song.

Described years ago by legend rock drummer Gylve Fenriz (Neptune Towers, Valhall, Darkthrone) as an "EBM" number, which had the group scrambling for the answer to what the hell that even is, before denying any familiarity with the genre of course. Our label now claims Trist Pike is "the big new Norwegian EBM hype and hope".

The song's theme is something we can all relate to, 'cause it's entirely analog to what we call "living": The recurring nightmare of waking up inside your own life, with your own mind, no smarter but likely stupider than the day before.

It's the oldest song on our debut record and the only song we played at our first gig that's still in circulation. (Meaning we can still remember the lyrics.) It's one of those songs old rock farts get all teary-eyed about, "I wrote it in like five minutes!", like these assholes always say. We actually did, but we LIVED it for years before writing it down, and that's what the song is about.

It's also the most commercialy viable number we've ever made, and the only rock and roll tune we can think of with the word "incentive" in the chorus.

We stuck our friend Jørgen Egeland, legend all-city Oslo record pusher, bartender and music trivia wizard, on the front cover in tribute to his tourist-like bon vivant lifestyle.

Our debut album "Den problematiske drømmen"/"Patetisk og patologisk" is out on Fysisk Format this summer. The album is more varied than Trist Pike's past records, with unlikely covers (Tammy Wynette's "Womanhood"), emotionally charged love songs, the album's recurring idiot-influenced dirgelike songs of streets and desolation, and traditional Pike-styled songs about dreams and fear.

Trist Pike plays a streamed internet covid-19-style gig at MIR May 15th to mark the occasion. Check it out on the internet.