Trist Pike release their single "Kvinnehud"

Last double single before Trist Pike's debut LP "Den problematiske drømmen"/"Patetisk og patologisk" is out

Hey baby,

Welcome to Trist Pike's new single, "Kvinnehud".

This is quite the number. It's a cover song. We didn't write it. We know it mostly from Lillian Askeland and Ottar "Big Hand"'s Norwegian language version from the "Countryfest 5" album from 1980. Originally it's Tammy Wynette's "Womanhood".

It's a song about sex, religion and being a woman, and it's been one of the biggest "bonding" opportunities for the Trist Pike group even though none of us are women, religious or that much into sex. Could be we fell for the stone cold country music rhetoric? Perhaps it's the canyonous (new word, don't look it up) deep and dramatic backup vocals on the chorus, that we think is Ottar "Big Hand"? We're not sure, but we jump in our seats in awe and fear EVERY time we hear it.

"Kvinnehud" is the last song we recorded for our debut album "Den problematiske drømmen"/"Patetisk og patologisk", and we had to do it separately in our "home studios" because Eirik was sure he had the coronavirus and had to stay at home. We like to think the circumstance lent his vocalization some extra gravity. Then again, perhaps he really sang it with caution as to not scare the cat. "Who knows", at least it certainly sounds like Trist Pike.

On the "other" side we've thrown in an old live recording of "Ekko fra asfalten" which CERTAINLY sounds like Trist Pike.

We've stuck our friend, "Norwegian Grammy award winner", "labelmate" and actor Raymond Teigen Hauger on the cover, 'cause he's so great. We took the photo on a local drinkin' patio during a break when recording with Ando Woltmann last year. Raymond was having a "stekare" period. It's difficult to explain but a "stekare" is a Swedish moron who likes to wear a sweater in a knot around his neck and is interested in the meal "biff à la Rydberg". We don't suggest you google any of this either.

Trist Pike's debut record "Den problematiske drømmmen"/"Patetisk og patologisk" is out on Fysisk Format mid-August. The album is more varied than Trist Pike's past records, with unlikely covers (Håkon Banken's "Ingen savner meg i morgen"), emotionally charged love songs, the album's recurring idiot-themed coffin rock songs about streets and desolation, and traditional Pike-styled songs about dreams and fear.