New signing Trist Pike release their single "Nakne Damer"

After three years of intense grooming, Fysisk Format is thrilled to finally have signed Norwegian Cult Band Number 1, the most dangerous band in the street: Trist Pike. Considered the dimwitted middle child between Black Flag and New Order.

Trist Pike have been bewildering and puzzling audiences and critics for years, thoroughly evoking feelings and "mind views" of love and disgust in equal measure.

"Nakne damer" is the first single from their June 2020 debut album, backed by the COVID-19 relevant anthem "Banned from the pubs" on the b-side, originally by Peter & the Test-tube Babies.

"Nakne damer" is a song about the crippling fear of your own and everybody else's body. Have you looked in a mirror lately? It's no pretty sight. "Banned from the pubs" wasn't really intended to be "topical", but we guess you aren't reading this from a bar stool, are you? Good luck.