Timeworn quotes and impressions

Timeworn's sophomore effort "Venomous High" has gotten the attention of the international press, and the reviews are looking great!

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  Metal Hammer (3,5/5) "The riffs are colossal" Ryze Up (5/5) "These guys have a unique sound within their genre" The Revival Music "Dark, demonic, thought provoking material that takes you to a place you through you’d never visit" GHBBL "One of the best sludge metal releases of the year" Decibel Magazine "Norwegian sludgelords Timeworn are flexing their muscles on Venomous High, combining the aggression of their hardcore roots with the sludginess of past releases" Indy Metal Vault (B+) "they’re breathing new life into a genre that has definitely gotten stale" Nine Circles "Timeworn excel in a darker, more atmospheric kind of heaviness" Lords of Metal (74/100) Metal Trenches (8/10) "A really solid album for those still grieving the early days of Mastodon" Heavy Blog Is Heavy "Venomous High is a sinister masterpiece with accessible choruses and melodies as well as rich, well-composed music" Selective Memory "Venoumous High is multi-dimensional in a best technical and natural way" Musikknyheter (7/10) "En seig, atmosfærisk og groovy affære" Echoes and Dust "A very engaging listen" The Sludgelord "Timeworn that takes an array of well-worn modern metal influences and blows them up on a grand scale" Ave Noctum (7,5/10) " It is direct and often extreme but at the same time full of creativity and interest" Two posers & a false (7/10) "Adding post-metal flairs to sludge metal, Timeworn have produced a pioneering sound on Venomous High" No clean singing "Venomous High packs in more hooks than a local abattoir, and more riffs than a Netflix comedy special" Worship metal (8/10) "a fresh take on old tales that marks out Timeworn as a band with massive potential."