Timeworn announce new album: Venomous High

We’re proud to announce the release of Timeworns sophomore effort - Venemous High! The album will be out june 2nd.

Pre-order Venomous High here

TIMEWORN is a hard rocking band from the Vøyenbrua bridge in Oslo city Norway.  With a long legacy in the norwegian DIY-punk/metal scene and members from Eskatol and Summon the Crows, Timeworn like to play to play big riffs and bang the beat of the song on the door of the pickup truck. Venomous High is their second release, a big boned album with riffs about mysticism and lyrics about hoarding, dependency and anti-social behavior. The low atmosphere and deep rock legacy at legendary Oslo city Caliban Studios also made for a potent enviroment for laying down heavy muscular riffs. Venomous High is scheduled for release on June 2nd, but behold! the first single, Infectious Gloom. will materialize on digital formats already March 30th. For fans of "CON AIR", pocketed riffs and walking around outside but avoiding human interaction. Side A 1.Measure of Gold 2.All Chiefs 3.The Trail 4.Black Peak Blues 5.The Infectious Gloom
 Side B
 6.Ur Syntax
 7.Night of Owls
 8.Traitors to the Crown
 9.Venomous High
  Timeworn By Christian Belgaux Hires here