Svarte Greiner: Drunk, Road, Tree out in the digital realm today!

Four years ago we had the fortune to release a split 12" by Svarte Greiner and Le Corbeau. While it might be one of our more obscure releases, it is also one of our strongest, with both bands contributing great material.

Today, we have the honor of making Svarte Greiner's side of the split available in the digital realm: Also available here: Tidal Itunes We pressed 500 copies and have very few left, so if you want a copy you better ACT NOW Svarte Greiner is the moniker of Berlin based musician and designer Erik K. Skodvin, also known as one-half of Deaf Center. Skodvin also runs Miasmah, one of the key labels of today's ambient/neo classical scene, and co-runs the label Sonic Pieces out of Berlin.