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Next Life from Borgheim, Norway started out in 1999 and was the first band in the world to combine 8-bit computer synthesizers (so-called chiptunes) in metal. The result is a stunning fusion of chaotic DIY punk with strict form, gaming culture with the art world. By taking cues from innovative hardcore bands like The Locust and Converge and combining it with the megalomania of metal bands like Zeni Geva, Mayhem and Meshuggah, founding member Hai Nguyen Dinh made Next Life the truly singular voice it is in today's music scene.

"One out of several slow songs/powerballads from their fourth album, Guru Meditation. The title "Strength" is based on attributes in a RPG role playing game inspired by Dungeons And Dragons (D&D)".

Next Life by Next Life
Next Life by Next Life

Written in Brest, Bretagne, 2019, produced in Borgheim, Norway, 2020 by Hai
Recorded in 2019-2020 by Hai and Hans-Petter Lund Jørgensen
Mastered by Audun Strype at Strype Audio
Cover design by Hai and Ingrid Kallevik