SIBIIR quotes and impressions

SIBIIR's Self titled debut album is getting international attention! The album will be released through Fysisk Format on december 9th.

"Sibiir return with their first self-titled full-length, a savage 10-track effort that sees the group merging the aggression and fury of hardcore with a dash of black metal vitriol" -Terrorizer Magazine "Bekmörke is an authentic parade of riffs that combines a memorable nature with an overall bleak and piercing approach." -Music & Riots "When you name yourself after the planet’s coldest populated place, Siberia, you’d better make sure that your music delivers some harsh sounds to live up to the moniker. Thankfully Norwegian quintet SIBIIR do all that and more on their impossible-to-pigeonhole enonymous debut." "This 10-tracker is peppered with black, death, technical and thrash influences and it's an explosive, eclectic and often exciting listen." -Metal Hammer UK (7/10) "This is a great trip into a dark violent place" -Echoes and Dust Metal Hammer NO (9/10) NineHertz: "Excellent" Musikknyheter (8/10) Noizze: "Impressive" New Noise (3.5/5) ITromsø (5/6) Gaffa (5/6) Evig Lyttar (4.5/5) Zephyr's Odem (8/10) World of Metal (8/10) Lords of Metal (85/100) Rock N Reel Reviews (4/5) Cadaver Garden: "Great" Pildoras Musicales (8/10) Battle Helm Magazine (4/5) Metal Gods Meltdown (9/10) The independent Voice (4.5/5) Metal Trenches (8.3/10) Silence Magazine (5/6) Radio Wom (8/10) Best Albums of 2016 lists: Øya Festival Evig Lyttar Noizze HISS!G P3Tete Deichman Ninehertz TheRevivalMusic