Rongeur - "Glacier Tongue" quotes & impressions

"Glacier Tongue is a face melting trip into a world of insanity, which will leave you numb, feral, and completely intoxicated."
- The Sleeping Shaman

"Cathartic, relatable and perfectly suited to a world in turmoil – at leat our collective misery now has a spectacular soundtrack."
- Distorted Sound Mag (9/10)

"...Excellent lyricism, and epic sound that completely enthralls you from first listening"
- Blessed Altar Zine (8,5/10)

"Glacier Tongue is like a roadmap through the pitfalls of human error."
- Demonic Nights (8/10)

" expressive ice bath that reflects unpleasant truths right up in the chisel of you in a merciless way."
Metallurgi, #21 the best metal records of the year

"A true soundtrack to misery and physical pain."
- ZwareMetalen (79/100)

"Rongeur are in the fast lane at full speed and ready to take on the genre's giants. With that slight touch of punk attitude, sludge really gets you going."
- Rock'n roll Vegan,

"Crushing everything in its path, the Norwegian trio Rongeur arrives full force with a second album as robust as it is inspired and displaying an astonishing musical variety."
- Rock'n force

"With foaming energy and tenacious lingering thoughtful intermediate parts, Rongeur's latest epic "Glacier Tongue" gnaws deep into soul and heart."
- Disharmoni

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