Heave Blood & Die release new single "Radio Silence" and announce album pre-order

Happy single release and album announcement day to Heave Blood & Die!

Their new album brings to mind the inward explosions of The Cure, Smashing Pumpkins and Killing Joke. Given life trough the mix by Graham Walsh (Holy Fuck, METZ, Viet Cong) and master by Paul Gold (Angel Olsen, Preoccupations, Beach House).

"Securely seated in the shade of a great force, screened from the brutalities of life, centuries spent in a castle of clouds. A lust for great truth arises. A leap of faith into the real world, which appears to be a never-ending maelstrom of atrocities, hurled into a series of newsflashes of the most devastating situations humankind has faced.

Radio Silence is a yearning wish to transcend violence and a hopeless hope to disintegrate all authority that can’t be justified."

The arwork is made by Daufødt vocalist Annika Linn Verdal Homme.