Quotes and reviews Misty Coast - "When I Fall From the Sky"

Misty Coasts' third album has been out for three weeks and has received rave reviews from home and abroad. Here's some of it!

5/6 - Stavanger Aftenblad - "We all need someone to hold our hand when everything falls apart. For example Misty Coast."

5/6 - iTromsø - "The constant twists and musical whims grips the brain"

5/6 - Deichman Musikk - "The songs are quite simply good, both the more melody-based and the more painterly and dreamy sketches."

4,5/6 - Klassekampen - "Misty Coast lands dreamily from a wild cloud. And as they themselves suggest; it is in the landing that the musical magic lies."

Morgenbladet - "Incomprehensible lines of text float perfectly through the haze on the Bergen duo Misty Coast's best album so far."

Bergens Tidende - "Misty Coast's third album is both comprehensive and well-produced. At the same time, the band shows that they do not intend to stiffen in one genre."

Ballade - "Linn Frøkedal and Richard Myklebust have boiled indie rock down to a kind of primordial soup and come out with a nostalgic gem."

Universitas - "The balance between the various elements floats in a near perfect harmony."

Interview in Musikknyheter

8/10 - Under the Radar - "Dizzying pop songs shrouded in effects but oozing with melodic grace."

9/10 - Take Effect - "The Norwegian duo Misty Coast made quite an impression with 2019’s Melodaze, and this follow up record is sure to garner them even more new fans as Linn Frøkedal and Richard Myklebust offer even more absorbing avenues of their ethereal and guitar hook filled formula."

Popmani - "Trippy and beautiful indie pop to meet spring with on Misty Coast's third album When I Fall From the Sky."

Weathered Music - "The song “In A Million Years” has not lost its lustre and fits very comfortably amid all the other magical music moments on this album. I encourage you, the reader, to give this album a listen."

Atwood Magazine - "Mesmerizing psychedelic soundscapes come to life throughout a dynamic, expressive, and multi-textured tapestry that doesn’t shy away from (or sugarcoat) the darkness, but doesn’t get us down, either; the beauty of Misty Coast is that members Linn Frøkedal and Richard Myklebust can bring out the magic and wonder in anything."

The Line of Best Fit - "Norwegian duo Misty Coast have returned with a new spring in their step on their upbeat, fuzz-filled new single "In A Million Years"."