Duvel - "Duvel" Quotes & impressions

Duvels second album is out, and it's recieved some nice reviews from home and abroad. Here's some of it!

Everything is Noise - "At its core, Duvel is a Britpop record but with plenty of post-punk/shoegaze influence that creates such a warm and inviting musical atmosphere. The vocals are incredibly well done and fit the music perfectly with how sassy and passionate they’re executed."

Distorted Sound Magazine - 8/10 - "It’s a well-produced and perfectly evocative album which harks right back to some of 80s post-punk’s finest. If you’re looking for something darker, there are plenty of other bands out there who’ll scratch that itch, but if you just want something a little more feel-good, this album’s the one for you."

New Noise Magazine - "It’s this almost-whimsical sense of nonchalance that permeates Duvelthroughout its brisk 30-minute runtime, making for a breezy, effortless, and profoundly joyful listen. On their self-titled, sophomore album, the Oslo-based quartet constantly strive to dazzle and entertain, offering up nine hook-laden tracks of effervescent Brit-pop and chameleonic post-punk."

Disharmoni - "Laconic, condensed, magnificent, melodramatic, danceable and melodic. In a way, for some reason, they remind me most of all of the British Fat White Family with their fiery, over-excited and humorous approach to life and their feverish, chaotic mix of postpunk, revival post punk, madchester rave, soul and the like."

Puls - "This is such a delicious fuck-it vibe that you can not help but have the album on repeat - again and again and again."

Soundmagnet - 8,5/10 - "The memorable hooks and crisp melodies offered to the listener goes straight to the dance floor and convinces with their juvenile power. The post-punk fan will like the growling and hypnotic bass as well as the voice of the singer and frontman Jack Holldorff, who stands up to the comparison with Tom Smith from The Editors and conveys the same level of emotionality."

Handwritten-Mag - "Wonderfully timeless 80s indie wave pop punk awaits you when you put on the new album by the Norwegians from Duvel."

Litzic - "Duvel offers us their second album, a concentrate of 80's inspired post rock which, unlike a lot of their contemporaries, delivers music mainly giving off a euphoric feeling. In 9 tracks and 30 minutes, the Norwegian group takes us back 40 years, to a time when The Cure were a hit."

Beatblogger - 4/5 - "What is clear is that Duvel know exactly what they are doing."

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