Out soon: King Midas - Scandinavia

We're proud to announce that Fysisk Format will reissue King Midas' classic 1999-album Scandinavia. The album will be available July 26th in Norway and August 16th in Europe.

King Midas are an Oslo-based band who have been projecting their own special brand of electronic artpop since the nineties. Their second album, Scandinavia from 1999, is a true milennium masterpiece, a cult album for the initiated. While the release made King Midas the hottest band in Norway on its release, it drifted into obscurity when their danish label Man Rec folded. Fourteen years later, Fysisk Format reissues the album on the vinyl format including an 8 page fanzine with download code. Preorder from Tiger, Norway now! The album was produced and mixed by the band members themselves on an analog eight track under cumbersome conditions in Berlin and Oslo and has puzzled their fans since then. Combining inspiration from german minimal techno with author Christopher Isherwood and Donald Duck comics, this is an album with unexpected and sudden changes in its musical palette. At times it comes through more like a bizarre art installation than a traditional pop album. Still, it also captures the band at their most melodic, echoing the subversive pop strategies of early Roxy Music and Ultravox and updating it to the late-nineties peculiarities of radio cut-ups, lounge-jazz snippets and dub-heavy bass. King Midas have announced a new album the autumn 2013. The first single, Snow, is available here: