Out Now: Trist Pike - Den problematiske drømmen/ Patetisk og Patologisk

Trist Pike have made a debut album for Fysisk Format. It's called "Den problematiske drømmen"/"Patetisk og patologisk" (eng. "The problematic dream"/"Pathetic and pathological".) It's got five new songs and four re-recordings of old tunes from the group's antique catalog.

Fysisk Format have been working hard day and night to get the group "on the roster" since just about day one of their grouping history and are thus happy to could deliver them now on "record".

Trist Pike play modern music with synthesizers. They sing in Norwegian with pathos. "Den problematiske drømmen"/"Patetisk og patologisk" is inspired by the group members' real actual lives.

Trist Pike's music, lyrics, "worldview" and thought life deal with:

Standing alone in a valley filled with starlight
Transcendent stupidity
The gold plated city
The dream flowing into reality and vice versa
Standing the monkey close
Love without fear
The body sans the soul
The night and the price
The usual days
Death at midnight
Jokes at parties
What one is wearing tonight
The wondrous adult world
The iron hand in the night with fear
Moods at the gallows
How to talk to girls about death
The devil's arrival with money
The Scandinavian loser
Twisting the knife (slowly)