Out now: Leonov - "Mesos"

Got really exited when this one showed up in our inbox a while a go. Stoked to present Leonov's new single "Mesos" celebrating their 10 years as a band!

From Leonov:

In commemoration of our 10-year anniversary, we wanted to do something special in celebration of our band and of our fans. The song Mesos is the first taste of our coming third album, which we’re working on these days. In many ways it also feels like a summary of phases we have gone through as a band, as it connects different genres that inspired both our previous albums. Simen Skari has made a fantastic video, where the whole band is involved in the live recording, and in addition he has added some clips from our travels and concerts throughout our years as a band. We are incredibly grateful to all our fans who have shown up at our concerts, supported us and listened to our music. We are looking forward to the seeing you in the future.