Ormskrik quotes and impressions

Great reviews in for Ormskriks self-titled debut

"The Norwegians' debut is one of the most straightforwardly thrilling to emerge in a long time"
Blabbermounth.net - 8,5/10

 "Just a fucking great album, tight from top to bottom"
Everything is noise

"It’s a masterpiece and it’s exactly what the genre needs. The ultimate blackened extreme metal."
The Metal Observer - 10/10

"Ormskrik debĂĽtieren angenehm unberechenbar mit einer erfrischend manischen Westentaschen-Perle."
Demonic Nights - 8/10 

"The new album from Ormskrik is the best possible kind of surprise – a dark thrash masterpiece we are going to listen to for years to come."
Flying Fiddlesticks

"Ormskrik ne se refuse rien et ne bride pas ses envies et ses influences tout en imposant une empreinte immédiatement personnelle, furieuse et absolument Metal."
COREandCO - 9/10

"Een aanrader voor de liefhebber van lekkere thrash metal en de paar stappen daarna."
Brothers in raw

"Due to the strength of the material offered here, I find myself excited to see how Ormskrik develop further as a unit"
Angry Metal Guy - 3,5/5

"I thought that my speakers were going to fall of their stands"
The Sleeping Shaman

"Undoubtedly a band to keep a close eye on"
Distorted sound mag - 8/10

"They have developed a unique sound that’s a cross between Mastodon and Entombed"
The Razors Edge 

"It’s the performance of a prize fighter, grand and epic with a fine flow through each part"
Metal Noise - 8,5/10

"Ormskrik are a thrash band ready to leave a mark on the genre"
Heavy Music HQ - 4/5

"If you’re looking for something new, unique, heavy, and with a wonderful album cover, Ormskrik’s self-titled album is for you."
SkullsNBones - 5/5

"One hell of an impressive debut and a promise of even greater things to come"
Sonic abuse - 8/10

"This album is more than just a technical feast. It’s heavy, fresh and lively too"
Ave noctum - 8/10