Ormskrik - Interview and first single, "Descend to Madness"

Proud to present the first single by BLACKENED THRASH act Ormskrik from the Norwegian west coast.

Why did you start the band in the first place? Did you know eachother from before? How are you guys in the band related?

We first met eachother through high school. We went to an art school and majored in music. We quickly figured out eachothers common interest in metal music, and from there started jamming to music we liked. It did not take long before we started to write original material and calling ourselves a band.

How would you describe your music to someone who has never heard you?

Our music is dark and raw, but refreshing and catchy. We think that most people will find an element of our music that they enjoy. We are inspired by many metal bands, but our genre would probably be close to something like blackened thrash-metal.

Aside from playing in the band, what else do you do in life? Any weird hobbies, interesting personal abilities etc?

Away from Ormskrik, we are a diverse bunch. For example, Gjøran, our singer, plays and teaches the clarinet.

Can you describe how your songs come about? Is it a group effort or does anyone claim creative dictatorship?

Our writing process usually consists of one person bringing an idea or a riff to the rest, then we jam out and experiment together. After that, that person will create a demo, so the rest of the band can learn it. From there we finetune the song through practice and jamming until we are happy with the song. For example, the song "Helheim" was almost completely written by Anders, except from a few arrangements by the rest of the band.

What does the band's lyrics mean to yourself - a tool to convey innermost feelings, political issues or is it more just a part of the overall musical/artistic side?

Our lyrics are often coming from multiple angles, due to lyrics on different songs being written by different members. To us the lyrics are coming from the artistic side, lyrics that are cool and impactful, stuff we want to hear, just like our music is music that we want to hear. Sometimes we have a whole song written by one member, other times we will have a group meeting and grind it out. It is a collaborative effort.

If Ormskrik ruled the world - what would be the first things you would change?

We would like to see more money funding music and other arts for the younger generation. There are enough football fields out there. We ourselves know the struggle of finding a simple thing like a place to rehearse. We are very lucky to have managed to build our own rehearsal space in a remote factory.

Which is the most underrated band in Norwegian metal?

Definetly Purified in Blood! Or perhaps Extol or Ondt Blod!

...and most overrated (and why)?


Most hilarious metal video ever? 

Probably "The Black Satans" with the absolute banger "The Satans of Hell."

What do you listen to when you party?

"Sandnes for faen" by Skolekorps is obligatory at every party.

What's the most embarrasing music you listen to?

80's love ballads like Berlin - Take My Breath Away