Ondt Blod release new single Unge Kniva

'Unge Kniva', the third single of Ondt Blod's sophomore effort 'Natur' is out now!

The single premiered over at Visions Magazine, Metal Underground, NRK P3's radio host Tete and the bass player Kristoffer visited Ruben at NRKP3 earlier this week. Spotify Bandcamp iTunes Tidal “Natur” is a Sami scream from the far north. Made 100 years after the first indigenous political organising in Norway, This is a Sami call to arms against the still on-going colonization and oppression. “Natur” celebrates the duality of human nature, where champagne meets cyanide, machine-gun riffs meet the catchiest choruses out of Scandinavia since ABBA. Pre-order 'Natur' here