"Om Hu Naturi" EP by New World Vulture out now!

It is with big excitement and honor we announce the fresh new EP from this enigmatic norwegian band who fuses folk music, electronic music and pop music in ways never heard before!

Available on various digital formats, but first and foremost it is released as a sculpture in only 30 very special edition pieces, grown from the true nature of the CD, rainbow coloured and utterly useless as it is. The CD sits in a hand made, flowerly bulging cover, served on a piece of orginal wood from the 120 year old loft where it was written. And you´ll get a bonus track in addition. GET IT HERE "Om Ho Naturi EP is a shiny strange one of five songs, all celebrating the incapabilities of language and the cruelty of nature. No less! Its also a kind of hike: At first, sitting in an old mountain shack self indulgent and all. Then crawling downwards towards town, ending in a bar, telling the same story over and over: A fellow is sitting on a stone up in the mountains. Naked, probably. Accordion in hand. He sits there, producing phrases on of the incapabilities of language, the cruelty of nature etc. He remembers the city and its sounds: The chattering of the market place, the humming of the drones etc. He listens to the sounds of the mountain: The flies, the winds etc. Those are eagles and that is a sunset, he thinks. Oh there is hope, he thinks. Oh there is hope."