Nils Bech's Look Inside is six years

Six years ago today we released the second album by Norwegian pop artist Nils Bech!

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Nils Bech has had concerts and performances in galleries all over the world since his acclaimed debut "Look Back" saw the light in 2010. He has performed at institutions and arrangements like the Venezia Biennale, The New Museum and PS1 in New York, The Institute of Contemporary Art (ICA) and Frieze Fondation in London, among many others. Bech says about his new album: "Look Inside is about a (romantic) meeting and how the experience made me look inside myself and sort through issues I had been carrying with me my entire adult life. Look Inside is a story that the listener can follow from beginning to end, based on thoughts I had about this meeting and myself." The album is made in collaboration with norwegian electronica duo Ost & Kjex and the contemporary composers and musicians Julian Skar, Bendik Giske, Kari Rønnekleiv and Ole Henrik Moe. "My wish was to challenge myself by working with people and making music that drew inspiration from two different directions - house and contemporary - which I didn't know a lot about, but had a strong pull towards."