New signing: King Midas

We are thrilled to announce that Fysisk Format has signed King Midas - one of Norway's truly original and enigmatic pop acts! They released their first album in 1994, but are back now with a single, breaking six years of silence:

The rumours of the current state of King Midas have sprawled the Oslo music underground; some said the band was disbanded and gone bankrupt in the vegetable business, some said they paid their various debts by selling their instruments and that they've been making an acapella triple-album. "The only thing you know about the music business, is that there are no guarantees" one of the producers of the Oscar winning documentary "Searching For Sugarman" said. That quote could just as well be about King Midas, one of Norway's most mythical bands from the 90's and 00's. Great expectations have always rested on King Midas' shoulders, but the band has never cared about anything but themselves and their own musical ambition. Psychedelic electronica at the end of the nineties. Glittering glam-rock in the mid-zeroes. The last six years the band has spent a few thousand hours in studio perfecting their modern blues. They themselves call it outsider music - music created despite musical conventions and correctness. King Midas is currently working on a so far untitled album of unkown content. Due for a 2013 release.