New single from New World Vulture out now!

Nordic ethno-electro act New World Vulture fastens their grip on the world with their second single, The Modern Hoax - out worldwide on Fysisk Format today!

Check out the track for free on the norwegian blog "Ny Musikk Hver Dag" The single is written and performed by Kyrre Bjørkås (formerly of DU/Det är jag som är döden), produced by Ådne Meisfjord (120 Days) and features contributions from Sandra Kolstad and Eivind Henjum (Sprutbass). As a bonus track, the single comes with a fresh remix of the band's first single "Drill A Hole" by Denmark's finest knob-twiddler, Halvknægten. Also available from these streaming services: Itunes Tidal More on New World Vulture