New signing: Hilma Nikolaisen!

We're proud to announce that Hilma Nikolaisen has signed to Fysisk Format!

First out is a two track single, check it out: Itunes
Tidal Hilma Nikolaisen (b. 1982) honed her musical skills in cult bands such as teenage girl trio Umbrella, and the Loch Ness Mouse in the late ´90s. Later, perhaps most importantly, she appeared as a bass player in her brother Emil’s internationally acclaimed psychedelic noise-pop outfit Serena-Maneesh – one of the most influential Norwegian bands of the last decade. Not only did she contribute significantly to the expression of Emil’s musical vision. Her stage presence also made her an iconic, elegant part of the band’s visual identity, comparisons to Nico were frequently drawn. Now on her own, but backed by a full band, Hilma returns with new material. The songs have elements of projects past, particularly Serena-Maneesh, evident in the sonic variation, rich textures, and juxtaposition of lighter and darker moods, but they are truly her own creations. There’s a sense of melody and ear for alluring musical detail that really stands out – ambitious pop music built on strong songwriting, rounded out by unique, androgynous vocals and a fully formed sound. Hilma Nikolaisen Artistpage Hilma Nikolaisen on Facebook