New Signing: FURZE

We are proud to announce the signing of the norwegian Black Psych Metal act FURZE!

Fysisk Format will release the 5th Furze album worldwide on May 11th. On vinyl and CD of course, as well as the multitude of lesser formats in the digital domain.
The album is entitled Psych Minus Space Control and is 90% instrumental. Artwork by Sami Albert Hynninen of Reverend Bizarre. In the words of Furze's Woe J. Reaper:
"The idea is to present the psyche atmospheres and try to have the soul touched from there, via emotions. Or vica verca, make the soul come forth from occult places, summoned up by strong feelings."
More info and tasters of the album to come! We hereby command you all to and consume the four previous Furze albums in preparation to the release of their Masterpiece, their FIFTH! Preorders for the CD and VINYL are up on