New release announced: King Midas: Rosso

On November 22nd, Fysisk Format will release the sixth album by King Midas!

It is entitled Rosso and is their first album in six years. King Midas is one of Norway's most enigmatic and credible bands and their new album is probably their strangest to date. Their music is hard to pinpoint, but its somewhere in the field of electronic pop with tints of paranoid blues and dubby vibes that brings the associations to The Idiot-era Iggy or Cabaret Voltaire's Red Mecca. Uneasy, yet classy. We find it a perfect addition to Fysisk's line of pop music, alongside Pow Pow and Nils Bech and look forward to share the music with you! The first two singles, Snow and You Know My Name: Album teaser: Video for Cy by Eirik Zeiner-Henriksen: Tracklist: Side A: 1. A Ship Glides Through The Night 2. Colorsound 3. You Know My Name 4. On The Way To Luton 5. Snow Side B: 1. King 2. Cy 3. The Strangler 4. Leaving Biarritz