New Nils Bech 12 inch!

Nils Bech is nothing less than Norway's most intriguing songwriters and performers. His art balances between performance, dance and music and has given him a worldwide cult following as well as critical acclaim. His debut, Look Back, was released on Fysisk Format in 2010 and caused quite a stir. Now, the time has finally come for a follow up! The next album, entitled Look Inside, will be released this autumn, but the first single, A Sudden Sickness, is available already June 29th. The single is released as one-sided 12" vinyl with two exclusive tracks that won't be available digitally: Breaking Patterns Part 1 and 2. A Sudden Sickness (as well as the album) is produced by the electronica duo Ost & Kjex with arrangements from the contemporary composers Ole Henrik Moe and Julian Skar. The artwork for A Sudden Sickness is done by Ida Ekblad, one of the most defining young norwegian artists of today. A video for the single will be published very soon. Stay tuned! Buy the vinyl from Buy the single on Itunes Distributed in by Cargo