New Fysisk Format compilation out July 7th!

The new Fysisk Format compilation, number 7 in the "Bransjevelter" series, arrived today - well in time for the release July 7th. Its a label sampler with an "open door policy" and includes new tracks from steady Fysisk relationships, bands we're flirting with and friends with benefits.

Here's the full tracklist: 1 THE GOOD THE BAD AND THE ZUGLY - Brainbomb 2 HARABALL - I Want Your Downs 3 BLOOD COMMAND - Cult of the New Beat 4 DARK TIMES - Shallow Breather 5 THE UPTIGHTS - Geraldine 6 LE CORBEAU - Feathers (Demo) 7 TREMORO TARANTURA - Avaleeches (XTRCT) 8 STAER - Daughters I 9 NILS BECH - A Sudden Sickness 10 HEARTFELT - Blindfold 11 UNIFORMS AND DROPOUTS - The Grid 12 CCTV - Elevation 13 DO YOU LOVE MELENA? - Sweet Teachings of Solitary Men 14 ARISTILLUS - New York 15 KAMIKAZE A GO GO - Sin Baby Sin 16 WITS END - Enough 17 MODERN LOVE - Alt Vi Kan (Demo) 18 KNUSTE RUTER - Ikke Tvil (Live) 19 KAMBODSJA - One of Many Steps 20 LIVSTID - Du Vil At E Ska Slå 21 ALTAAR - Heil Mary (Demo) 22 UMORAL - Smothered in kindness and approachability (Rudimentary mix) 23 BLACKEST WOODS - Blackest Flora/ Blackest Fauna 24 ÅRABROT - The Grass Sandwich (excerpt) Its a free CD and will be given away for free as long as stock lasts It will be available in good recordstores around Europe and included in next issue of Ox Magazine It can also be streamed and downloaded Releaseparty on Parkteatret, Oslo July 7th! (Facebook event)