Manhattan Skyline's 'Curses' is ten years

10 years ago we released Manhattan Skyline's 'Curses' filled with frenetic technical force and aggression.

Still 10 copies left of the original pressing: Handfolded and handnumbered with silver pantone and spot varnish. Listen here: By the CD here: Here's the original press text: The four year existence of this Oslo-based five-piece has been a long fight against hidden forces. The recording process of their debut album has suffered through countless interruptions, no less than 5 member replacement and if that wasn't enough: Two of the band members overcame life-threatening illness during the process of making this album. The title of the album gave itself: Curses. Manhattan Skyline is part of an international hardcore related metal- scene where bands like Converge, The Locust and Botch has been among the leading lights. On Curses, Manhattan Skyline manifest a new approach to the conventions of a genre that over the last couple of years has been in desperate need for new blood and new life! After all, what is a dead convention or two when you defy severe sickness and curses for breakfast? Right from the opening miliseconds of Curses, the listener is being floored by Manhattan Skyline's frenetic technical force and aggres- sion. Inspired by the latest findings of molecular-biology, they fire off fractal musical patterns with an intricacy that is growing with each listen. Manhattan Skyline simultaneously blows all the fuses that trap so many bands in mediocrity. Curses is the organic consequence of progressive rock, fired up with a sonic intensity and power far beyond any star-bearded cosmic vision. However, these reflections on brutality and complexity is just one part of Curses: Manhattan Skyline has built a monument of sound with an atmospheric character that reveals an interest in contemporary classical music, electronic music and generally sound as laboratory material. The introductory sound-explosions of Curses eventually breaks up with slower and longer parts that echo the same depths as newer sludge-acts as Cult of Luna and Isis. Recording an album with a noose around your neck is not a comfort- able affair, but it has contributed to making Curses to the unique album it is. Resistance is the inspiration and curses are to be broken. Like the previous Fysisk Format releases, the album has been recorded by the band themselves. The mixing process is also handled by the band members, while mastering duties are handled by James Plotkin, known from collaborations with Sunn O))), ISIS, Pelican, Michael Gira and Earth. Curses is packaged in Fysisk Format's exclusively designed cardboard covers using elaborate printing methods in 1000 numbered copies. Design and art direction by Fredrik Melby and Hans Marius Midgarden.