LEONOV – WAKE: quotes and impressions

Leonov's sophomore effort "Wake" gets a lot of praise from the press!

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  "A masterclass in elemental doom" - Metal Hammer UK "The most profound, crushing and emotionally affecting Metal album this year" - ghostcultmag.com (8,5/10) "Wake is a swirling mass of doom and post-rock" - Metal.de (7/10) "Majestic, Enchanting, Ethereal" - Cvlt Nation “We’re talking about post-metal which totters on the precipice of sludge” - Heavy blog is heavy "A dark work that tends to the simple, with excellent support in crescendo" - RTMB (4/5) “Elegance and refinement. Wake is one of the greatest releases of 2018” - Metallized.it (83/100) “it’s a marvellous album to explore” - Can this even be called music “A brilliant soundtrack for this winter and beyond.” - Moderate Rock (8/10) “A cosmic and enveloping listening experience.” - Small music scene