Kollapse - Sult - Quotes and impressions

Quotes and impressions for the danish band Kollapse's second album "Sult" released on Fysisk Format.

"Denmark’s Kollapse sound like the woebegone bastard of Cult of Luna and Intronaut. I might toss Neurosis and old Mastodon in there, too." - Axl Rosenberg’s Top Fifteen Metal Albums of 2021, Metal Sucks

"It’s personal and complicated, being both chaotic and urgent, while lulling into moments of clarity and tranquillity. The universal sensitivity of it all makes a lasting impact." - 8/10 - Distorted Sound Magazine

"Sult is an album that speaks to you in a certain mood and will be dangerous in happier times. They keep to the path set out by Neurosis in 1992 but add their own touches of introspection and nihilism. It’s a journey that the coward in you wants to avoid but cannot. Be brave and face your demons." - Scream Blast Repeat

"If you're a fan of hardcore, sludge, or all the post-metal variables, don't hesitate, you have to listen to this." - Rock Culture

“In a month with new releases by Bossk and Amenra, it’s hard for other post metal bands to shine through. That Kollapse did exactly that so effortlessly with Sult is not only impressive, but a welcoming surprise. There is a narrative quality going on with this album which is simply impalpable.” - Everything Is Noise

"The trio is able to bring life to the lack of human interaction through their music, and thus they are a very good soundtrack to our lives in 2020 and 2021. Maybe this will sometimes be considered a Classic-Covid19-Pandemic-Post-Metal-record. It would be well-deserved!" - Veil of Sound

"There are riffs to hurl your tallboy to and moments for a solemn fist in the air. This is an angry, uncompromising record, with burly low end and a cynical sensibility that commands attention." - 4/5 - The Toilet Ov Hell

"Not much is known, they are a virtual mystery, but Kollapse have arrived, ready to lay out a new path in the scene, one that will redefine what you think you know already about sludge and post-metal." - The Sleeping Shaman

"While material like this can sometimes feel too drawn out, the length feels justified and I found myself being drawn back again and again." - Metal Trenches

"The sounds of pain and anguish define each and every moment of Sult, and that pain is felt by the listener on a bone-deep level." - Angry Metal Guy

"The songs are well-crafted, and remind me of what it might sound like if you took Isis, added a bit of Cult of Luna, and then threw in a heady cocktail of bands such as Torn Apart, (old) Eighteen Visions, Poison the Well, Burnt by the Sun, and Blood Has Been Shed for flavour." - Wonderbox Metal

"Sult is an intense experience packed with emotional, weighty, deep-rooted rock poetry and hard uncompromising riffing. As if influenced by inner demons, the album expresses the spiritual anguish, disharmony, sorrow, apathy and anxiety that exist within us." - Disharmoni

"Thus ends Sult, but the hunger is not satisfied. There is hunger for more." - Metalfan.nl

"The single "Knæler" presents such an existential and piercing expression and is a highlight of an album that has been played a lot this summer"- Deichmann Musikk