Jagged Vision quotes and impressions

Jagged Vision´s sophomore effort ´Death Is This World´ has amassed a great deal of amazing press response!

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Stream Jagged Vision - Death Is This World here: Spotify Bandcamp iTunes Tidal International press: «These tracks are so heavy, so powerful and so metal that it will scare many away» -Rush on Rock «Jagged Vision are one of Norway’s finest exports today» -Decibel Magazine «These motherfuckers play like greased lightning» -SkullsNBones «memorable, head banging songs» -Invisible Oranges «Drenched in thrash metal riffs and with the energy of a supernova» -Merchants of Air «Album of the month» -Unwinnable «Jagged Vision provides one of the most furious sludge and stoner metal releases in ages" -NMTH «Furious» -Terrorizer «Listen to it once, then just listen to it again. And again. And again» -WonderboxMetal «An album that breaks your soul» -Rockportaal.nl «Song after song has some point that sticks out for all the right reasons» -GBHBL (9/10) «Death is This World” is a harsh, raging beating that goes beyond what can be put into text» -Cvlt Legion (9/10) «An absolute ripper» -Distorted Sound Magazine (7/10) «Awesome» -MetalSucks «An absolute ripper» -Distorted Sound (7/10) «After the obvious classics in the genre, this is the record that newer fans of sludge metal should be picking up next» -Ghost Cult Magazine (7.5/10) «A record that feels like it’s about to reach out and stick a broken bottle in your face» -Metal Hammer UK (7/10) «Jagged Vision have really proven themselves on this sophomore release» -Moshville «There’s no interludes, no stepping of the gas pedal, just a brick, pounding on your face, forever» Totally Biased (82/100) «Excellent» Metal Temple (8/10) «This album goes to show what happens when a band naturally comes together and finds its own style amid the modern metal gumbo» Puregrain Audio «If there was any clearer heir apparent to Mastodon’s Remission, then I certainly haven’t found it» Ryze Up (4/5) World of Metal (7.5/10) Soundscape Magazine (8/10) Invicta Magazine (8.5/10) Hatred Means War (8/10) Powermetal.de (7/10) Ave Noctum (8/10) Ox Magazine (8/10)     Norwegian press: «Ved å håndheve det grenseløse som ideal, og uten at uttrykket spriker, har Jagged Vision skapt en egenart som forener større målgrupper» -Musikkopplevelsen.no «En kraftpakke av et album» -Musikknyheter «Death Is This World er en djevelsk sterk utgivelse som sementerer Jagged Visions status som ett av Norges mest spennende band innen sjangeren» -Evig Lyttar (4/5) «Jagged Vision trår ikke på ett eneste bananskall, i løpet av platas ti låter. For et kick!» -ITromsø (5/6)