Jagged Vision - Death Is This World out now!

Today we at Fysisk Format is proud to announce that Jagged Vision's sophomore effort Death Is This World is released upon the world!

Decibel Magazine names Jagged Vision as one of Norway's finest exports! Vocalist Urke has this to say about the record: “Death is this World is for us almost a natural phenomenon. It is songs that have sprung from us jamming together, and the contextual space revolves around the feeling of not fitting in to the mainstream society but not really giving a fuck. This world we have created is the death of creativity and humanity, and humanity itself is the death of life and the natural world. The circle will forever be complete, until we break it…” Stream Jagged Vision - Death Is This World here: Spotify Bandcamp iTunes Tidal

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  International press: «These tracks are so heavy, so powerful and so metal that it will scare many away» -Rush on Rock «Jagged Vision are one of Norway’s finest exports today» -Decibel Magazine «These motherfuckers play like greased lightning» -SkullsNBones «memorable, head banging songs» -Invisible Oranges «Drenched in thrash metal riffs and with the energy of a supernova» -Merchants of Air «Album of the month» -Unwinnable «Jagged Vision provides one of the most furious sludge and stoner metal releases in ages" -NMTH «Furious» -Terrorizer «Listen to it once, then just listen to it again. And again. And again» -WonderboxMetal «An album that breaks your soul» -Rockportaal.nl «Song after song has some point that sticks out for all the right reasons» -GBHBL (9/10) «Death is This World” is a harsh, raging beating that goes beyond what can be put into text» -Cvlt Legion (9/10) «An absolute ripper» -Distorted Sound Magazine (7/10) «Awesome» -MetalSucks «An absolute ripper» -Distorted Sound (7/10) «After the obvious classics in the genre, this is the record that newer fans of sludge metal should be picking up next» -Ghost Cult Magazine (7.5/10) «A record that feels like it’s about to reach out and stick a broken bottle in your face» -Metal Hammer UK (3.5/5) Amped up (7.5/10) World of Metal (7.5/10) Soundscape Magazine (8/10) Norwegian press: «Ved å håndheve det grenseløse som ideal, og uten at uttrykket spriker, har Jagged Vision skapt en egenart som forener større målgrupper» -Musikkopplevelsen.no «En kraftpakke av et album» -Musikknyheter «Death Is This World er en djevelsk sterk utgivelse som sementerer Jagged Visions status som ett av Norges mest spennende band innen sjangeren» -Evig Lyttar (4/5) «Jagged Vision trår ikke på ett eneste bananskall, i løpet av platas ti låter. For et kick!» -ITromsø (5/6) Produced by: Phillip Cope Mixed by: Phillip Cope Mastering: Brad Boatright at Audiosiege Cover art: Andrew Sloan Recorded at: The Jam Room Studio engineer: Phillip Cope, Zac Thomas