IEatHeartAttacks quotes and impressions

IEatHeartAttacks' debut album 'Please Just Dance Death' is gathering momentum, and has gotten nice reviews from the press!

"Please Dance Just Death" has been the best debut ever since Kvelertak from Norway. - (8/10) "lively, urgent and engaging" - Ghostcult Magazine " ‘Please Just Dance Death’ is the hardcore record to beat in 2017." - Kill Your Stereo (90/100) "Every hardcore fan out there needs to give this one at least a listen." - Cauteriser (8.5/10) "Impressive" - This Decay "Chaotic and intense" "Just a fun, energetic, and uncompromising record" - Metal Trenches (8.3/10) (8.5/10) (7.5/10) Evig Lyttar (4/5) Metal Hammer NO (8/10) Metal Underground (4/5) COREandCO (8,77/10) Metal Hammer UK (3,5/5) Ox Magazine (8/10)